Welcome to Korea

Korea is an amazing country full of mystique, excitement and stunning natural beauty. Through its 5,000 year history, Korea has cultivated a truly unique culture that distinguishes itself from the larger nations surrounding it. UNESCO has so far named ten Korean sites to the World Heritage list, which all reflect the wealth Korea has to offer.


World Leading City, Incheon

Incheon, the marine-tourism city consists of roughly 150 small and big islands including the Ganghwado Island and Baekryeongdo Island which make for a beautiful natural environment. The city also boasts cultural and tourism sources bearing the history from the ancient to the modern time of flowering. Especially, Songdo International City adds romantic mood to its signature feature: cutting-edge infrastructure. From residential areas, industrial complexes, and all the way up to culture & art contents, Songdo, a place where you can feel both eastern and western cultures, certainly ushers you into the future of Korea.